Oral Surgery - Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have Stitches?

Yes. Stitches will generally be placed between your last two molars, at the back of your last tooth and one at the very back of your cheek. They are dissolvable and are likely to have disappeared prior to your follow up appointment. If they still remain in they can be removed at this appointment. It does not hurt to have the stitches out.

What can I eat?

Generally softer foods (pasta, eggs, mince, icecream, yoghurt, white bread etc) are better in the first three days as they are more comfortable to eat. Please do not eat whole grains, nuts, popcorn or nut muesli bars for the first 10 - 14 days as these get lodged in the sockets and are very painful.

Will there be holes where the teeth came out?

Yes. The teeth come out of bony sockets which cannot be stitched closed.

The sockets heal from the bottom to the top so they get shallower rather than close over. Each socket can look different, bigger or smaller depending on the position of the removed wisdom tooth.

Will food get stuck in the holes?

Yes. Generally food getting into the sockets is not a problem and is normal. Rinsing your mouth will help.

The sockets will be rinsed out at your follow up appointment (this does not hurt). Please do not try to stick anything into the sockets or rinse with a syringe before your follow-up appointment, as you will upset healing and could develop an infection or “dry socket”.

Will I be able to clean my teeth?

It is important to clean your teeth as best you can. Using the mouthrinse we supply will help to keep your teeth clean as well as keeping the sockets clean, it is better to bathe the sockets rather than vigorous rinsing. It is recommended that you dilute this 1:2 with water. It is normal for your tongue to go brown due to the mouthrinse. However do not have tea, coffee, red wine or smoke for 30mins after rinsing as the mouthrinse will absorb the tanin from these and cause your teeth to discolour.

How long do I need to take off work?

It is recommended to plan for a week off work. Some people will find that they can go back to work after a couple of days while others might need longer than a week. It is normal to feel worse on day 3 after surgery so it is important to keep up you pain relief for at least 7 days even if you do feel good.

My friends have told me horror stories about having wisdom teeth out, is it really that bad?

Most wisdom teeth horror stories have been grossly exaggerated. The vast majority of people find that it is better than what they had been led to believe by their friends and work colleagues. The first few days are the worst and can be uncomfortable, but this is true of any surgery.

Please contact Fernbrae if you have any concerns after surgery.

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