Mandibular Tori

The term Tori refers to any excess bone. In the mouth Tori can be found on the roof of the mouth (palatal torus), on the inner surface of the lower jaw (mandibular tori) and on the outside of both jaws (mandibular and maxillary exotosis). 

While they are considered normal they can cause issues such as pain, slurred speech and inflammation of the gums. Unfortunately sometimes the gum that overlies the tori is quite thin and so any movement of the gum, or pressure on the gum gets transmitted directly through to the tori. Because the gum is so thin there is no cushioning effect and the gum gets traumatised causing pain and inflammation. Removing and smoothing the Tori will relieve the pain and inflammation. 

The Tori are easily removed. If the Tori are small they can be removed under local anaesthetic. The bigger the Tori are the longer the surgery will take and the more likely it is that I would recommend having them removed with the aid of IV sedation, TCI or General Anaesthetic.