A frenectomy releases the band of tissue (frenum) that attaches the lip or tongue to the jaw.  The most common frenula that need releasing are the upper lip, tongue and lower lip. 

The attachment of the upper lip can cause problems if it attaches between the two central incisor teeth. It can prevent the teeth coming together and causes a gap between the front teeth. It can also make brushing the front teeth difficult as the tooth brush hits the band of tissue causing pain, as well as it being a physical barrier to cleaning. 

The attachment of the lower lip can be problematic if it attaches close to the lower teeth. It can cause pulling on the gum which causes the gum to receed. It can also be painful to brush the area as it makes the lower gums quite inflammed. 

The attachment under the tongue can prevent and limit the movement of the tongue. Often the attachment can become quite painful especially if it rubs over the sharp top edge of the lower teeth. 

Most frenectomies are simple procedures which are well tolerated under local anaesthetic. However as with all oral surgery the method of treatment is individualised to the patients needs. I can help you to decide the best treatment option for you.